28 March 2012

Pre Event: "Fashion Swap" UIN Fashion Fair 2012

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Show your solidarity with join "Fashion Swap" in UIN Fashion Fair event in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. For further information you can contacts us:

  • Icha: 085711352565
  • Rieke: 081281843291
  • Zahra: 085711297329

or send e-mail to me: nenden.alifa@gmail.com, and follow us (@UFF_2012) on twitter!

12 March 2012

Shining Genre by Ida Royani, Irna Mutiara, Nur Zahra, Art Kea on IFW 2012

Shining Genre is a right word for Muslim fashion in Indonesia. Since it first appeared, the Muslim fashion in Indonesia proudly increase; from just became the host in their own country until expand the global market.

Ida Royani is the first Muslim designer in Indonesia. Since 1979, she made Muslim clothings, especially with ethnic touches. Ida Royani also known in the entertainment industry had been follow in some fashion shows in various countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan and Russia. Some foreign media such as BBC London, New York Times to Le Monde (France) has interviewed Ida Royani as Muslim fashion designer. Because of her love of ethnic makes Ida chose weaving of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).
Ida Royani Collection

Ida Royani Collection

Glamour, Elegant and Classical style is the signature style of Irna Mutiara’s collections. In every Irna La Perle collections which always look elegant and modern, Irna Mutiara always adds ethnic elements to her collections; she uses the technique of sulam usus Lampung. On her hands, she makes sulam usus Lampung looks extraordinary glamour with beads details. For IFW 2012, Irna Mutiara present "Revolusion of Lampung". Through this theme, Irna Mutiara makes sulam usus Lampung look modern. Irna Mutiara uses materials such as silk chiffon, silk satin and linen. Irna’s collections are for modern Muslim woman. She makes local content can be transform into a global content.
Irna La Perle Collection

Irna La Perle Collection

Irna La Perle Collection

In this fashion show, NurZahra shows NurZahra Resort 2012 collections - Shibori & Indigo Batik Collections. Comfortable dresses that "travel friendly" and natural colour are the characteristic of this collection. By using blended cotton voile with Shibori technique (Japanese tie-dye technique) and batik patterned, the label tried to offer comfortable style. Polka-dot motifs, stripes, geometric can be found in Nur Zahra collections. Creative!
Nur Zahra Collection

Art Kea Fashion Wear and Accessories has been known as the accessory label that has existed for over 20 years. Art Kea’s accessories always look elegant and beautiful. Now the label has evolved to produce a typical Muslim fashion with handmade detail, beautiful and stylish. By Tini Sardadi and Tina Martyana as the designer, Art Kea chooses Vivid Colour Riots as the theme of the show. Art Kea uses chiffon and silk with a sprinkling of sequins, embroidery, lace, crystal rocks up, made the collections of Art Kea looks so charming.
Art Kea Collection

Art Kea Collection

10 March 2012

Dian Pelangi IFW 2012 Fashion Show

The theme of Dian Pelangi's fashion is "Africana Lady". This idea was inspired by African culture, combined with the traditional fabric of Indonesia. Dominated by African colors like brown, red, and gold in tribal motifs, Dian Pelangi mixed it with songket.

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