28 October 2012

Family Time

This long weekend, I spend my day in my grandpa's house. Like usual, half of my big family are there. I meet my cousins and having fun with them. On Saturday, we have barbeque and ice cream party. After that we singing together with 'organ tunggal'. My uncle is a musician, so he has some keyboards, piano, guitar. Some of my cousins are musicians. Adit is pianist and violinist, Ririn is a good singer and pianist and her sister too, Qia is a celebrity. She is vocalist, music-student, model, MC, etc (she is very multi-talented). And me? Please never ask me about my voice and musical ability.

On Monday, I accompany Ririn at Festival Muslimah event. This event is a talent competition for Muslimah. Ririn join this event because she want to show her talent at singing. After that, we are going to Baltos (Balubur Townsquare) to having lunch. We decided to having lunch at The Kiosk. This is my firs time eating at The Kiosk Baltos. I am amazed with the view of Bandung city from that place, especially Pasopati bridge!

25 October 2012

Blogger Gift

Last week, Cath asked my address n she said she wanted to give me something. In the following day, I saw Ashfi's instagram, she got the gift from Cath. I was so excited to back to home and check my package. And finally... yesterday, when I arrived at my home and I entered my bedroom I found the package from ABOCS. Yess, finally I could open the package. When I opened the package, I found a cute card and fancy diary. I read the card, and suddenly I felt so miss her. I miss Cathy, I miss Ashfi, and I miss Indonesia Fashion Week. I can hardly wait to meet them and busy (again) at that event with them!

UIN Fashion Fair 2012: BREAKTHROUGH

On October 13th, 2012 UIN Fashion Fair 2012 was held Islamic Fashion Show at auditorium Utama Prof. Harun Nasution, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. There was some fashion shows from various muslim designers like Jenahara, Najua Yanti, Monika Jufry, and etc. Zaura models and UFF model hunt became the models in this event.

Not only fashion show, we also had talk show with World Muslimah Beauty 2012, Nina Septiani, and beautiful actress from Indonesia, Risty Tagor. The special guest in this event is Dian Pelangi and our rector, Komarrudin Hidayat.

18 October 2012

Enchanted Hijab


Alhamdulillah sekarang saya punya label sendiri, yaitu "Enchanted Hijab and Accesories". Enchanted adalah bisnis yang sekarang saya jalani dengan rekan saya Isti. Awalnya ini adalah sebuah ide kecil yang lahir dari dua orang mahasiswa sekaligus anak kosan yang punya 'mimpi kecil'. Melalui mimpi itu, kita berfikir bagaimana cara merealisasikan mimpi tersebut, hingga pada akhirnya dari sebuah modal kecil yang diambil dari sisa-sisa uang jajan bulanan kami, kami bisa menjual beberapa produk kerudung dengan merek "Enchanted"

Sebagai mahasiswa yang sehari-harinya memakai jilbab, kami memiliki tujuan lain lewat Enchanted Hijab. Tujuan kami adalah menjual berbagai macam kerudung dan aksesoris dengan harga yang terjangkau oleh semua kalangan muslimah. Kami mau semua muslimah bisa tampil cantik menggunakan jilbab tanpa harus membayar mahal, dan ukuran jilbab yang kami jual juga lebar. Insya Allah, lebarnya bisa menutup dada dan membuat cara berhijab menjadi lebih syar'i. Alhamdulillah, hasilnya sekarang bisa terlihat kalau costumer kami tidak hanya mahasiswa, tetapi juga ibu rumah tangga, karyawan, bahkan sampai ibu-ibu seusia ibu kami sendiri. 

Semoga saja bisnis kecil-kecilan kami ini bisa terus berkembang. Insya Allah kami juga akan terus membuat innovasi untuk membuat label bisnis kami lebih maju dan berkembang. Semoga bisnis ini juga bisa bermanfaat bagi orang lain. Amien.

Ps: Jangan lupa mampir ke Enchanted Hijab and Accesories

Twitter: @EnchantedHijab

Thank you!

16 October 2012

I'm back!

Rasanya sudah lama sekali saya tidak menulis di blog ini. So many activities which I didn't write on this blog. In 4 months, there was many experiences in my life. Me and my friends lived in a village for KKN, I had some fashion events in my college (UIN Fashion fair), I did my first photoshoot for FiMiNin book (it was my  old dream :p), and the most important thing in my life is ..... Now, I'm writing on my thesis!

Yeeah, finally I'm in the last semester. I'm so excited doing my thesis, but sometimes it's makes me stress and bored. Hehe. I just want to graduate from UIN as soon as possible and get my 'Sarjana Sastra' soon because, it's the first step to chase my dream. Yes, my dream is continue my master degree (literature, history, or arts) in UK or Australia. This is my biggest dream, I want makes my dad proud with his little girl.

Beside that, now I have small business with my classmate Isti. I have a brand "Enchanted Hijab" which sell many hijab and accesories for women in good price. Our price is really fit with students' pocket ;)

And now I promise to always write everything on this blog. I will never skip my post again. Thank you.

Ps: I will write my past experience on next post. Jangan bosen yah teman-teman!
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